Almkraft GmbH - The Power of Nature

Natural products with tradition since 1925

A young woman had considerable problems with her hair (hair loss; brittle, thin hair). She started experimenting with flowers, leaves and roots. As a result of her deep knowledge of herbalism, she found a hair tonic which quickly fulfilled her requirements. Through intensive research and testing she finally developed the formulation for today's Almkraft Hair Tonic.

Founding of a company based in Vienna to sell the Hairwater

Sales were made through trade fairs and exhibitions to pharmacies, physicians and drugstores throughout Austria and Germany.
Later on, she handed over the company to her daughter who ceased production in the 1980s due to her age.

Late 1990s:
The grandson of the founder decided to resume production of the hair tonic according to the old family recipe. Even today, Almkraft Hair Tonic is still produced according to the traditional method from 1925.

Establishment of Almkraft GmbH as the distributor of hair tonic under the name Almkraft.