"Treasure nature, because we are part of it as well."

-Franz Schmidberger-

Our philosophy is to respect and treasure this nature. We at Almkraft rely on the power of nature, never using paraffins or silicones in any of our exclusive vegan cosmetic products. We have brought old traditions into a modern future by combining old, almost lost herbal knowledge, innovative research and lots of passion.

  • high quality active ingredients

Where possible and useful, we use local raw materials from nature and our products are produced naturally without paraffins and silicones using methods that are considerate towards humans and animals. The use of nature-identical and near-natural active ingredients help to protect natural resources. Our exclusive use of ingredients of the highest quality forms for us the basis of our effective care results.

  • Almkraft cares about animals

Our products are vegan. We are opposed to animal cruelty and therefore do not use any animals for experiments or any animal products in our cosmetics. Almkraft cosmetic products do not contain any microplastic particles that could be harmful to the animal world.

  • Environmental protection

To be nature friendly, we refrain as far as possible from using outer packaging and use only environmentally sound packaging materials.