The effect of Almkraft


When hair loss occurs, the follicles are no longer supplied with the necessary nutrients, the hairs break off and grow back less strongly. The root remains; however atrophy sets in if the nutrient supply and blood circulation are not stimulated again. The hair density decreases more and more, and the result is loss of hair. 

This is exactly where Almkraft KRÄUTER HairSERUM takes effect. 

The Almkraft KRÄUTER HairSERUM contains carefully selected medicinal herbs (flowers, leaves and roots), selected according to their original effects. These cause a regeneration of the cell metabolism as well as an optimal nutrient supply of the hair roots. Hair growth is stimulated and hair loss can be resolved.

The individual herbal extracts were chosen for their bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. They give the Almkraft KRÄUTER HaarSERUM a strengthening, revitalizing property and stimulate the local blood circulation. By a slight massaging the activation of the hair roots is additionally strengthened.

The Almkraft KRÄUTER SHAMPOOs and Almkraft KRÄUTER HairBALM were specifically matched with the Almkraft HairSERUM. They strengthen the regeneration and activation of the hair roots, and irritation of the hair base is counteracted.