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In our FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about our products and about Almkraft GmbH!

100% pure and natural - silicone-free - vegan - not tested on animals

Almkraft stands for well-being, vitality, vigour and energy. Our comprehensive range is therefore carefully developed and marketed in line with the above criteria.

Almkraft Hair Tonic is the foundation of the Almkraft Hair Series. This product represents the power of nature. It contains no chemicals and is a pure product made from blossoms, leaves and roots.

Around 1920, a young woman, the grandmother of the current manufacturer, had considerable problems with her hair (hair loss; brittle, thin hair). She began experimenting with flowers, leaves and roots. As a result of the deep knowledge of herbalism she acquired, she invented a hair tonic which quickly fulfilled her requirements. Through intensive research and testing she eventually developed the final formulation of the present Almkraft Hair Tonic. In 1925 she founded a company called "Hötzel's Trichophyton Hair Lotion". Sales were made through trade fairs and exhibitions to pharmacies, physicians and drugstores throughout Austria and Germany. Later on, she handed over the company to her daughter who ceased production in the 1980s due to her age. In the late 1990s, the grandson of the founder decided to resume production. Even today, Almkraft Hair Tonic is still produced according to the traditional method from 1925.

Almkraft Hair Tonic contains 32 different herbs, roots, leaves and blossoms, pure alcohol and spring water from the foothills of the Alps.
The spring water undergoes a physical, energizing process, named after the inventor, Grander. The Grander technology manages to harmonize the information carried by the water and to charge it with energy. The water is then demineralized by reverse osmosis in a 6-fold filtering process. Here, various minerals, chlorine and all impurities (residues of pharmaceuticals) are filtered out so that for all Almkraft products neutral water is created and therefore the healing ingredients from the herbs can be absorbed more readily.

Certified herbs from the region
Our regional herbs are only harvested at certain specific times: yearly, daily and clock times ( in other words when the vitality of the roots, stems, leaves and blossom is at its height. This is the only way that their healing capabilities can be used to the full. Drying and storage of the herbs is carried out under optimal conditions.
Neither fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides are used.
The herbs are EU-certified according to the guidelines of the Cosmetics Directive of July 2013.

Almkraft Shampoo and Almkraft Hair Balm, as well as Almkraft Hair Tonic, also have mild, detergent surfactants added, as well as natural essential oils which are extracted from the plants by means of a complex cooking process, and also natural emulsifiers and natural preservatives.

The high-quality herbs, roots and leaves result in a demonstrable regeneration of cellular metabolism. Hair growth is stimulated and hair loss - whether mental or physical - is remedied. The individual herbal extracts were selected because of their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. They give the hair tonic an invigorating, revitalizing property and stimulate the local blood circulation. Lightly massaging in the Almkraft Hair Tonic further encourages activation of the hair roots.

The Almkraft Shampoos and Almkraft Hair Balm were specifically matched with the Almkraft Hair Tonic and when combined, they reinforce the regeneration and activation of the hair roots, whilst irritation of the scalp is counteracted. The formulation is based on an extra-gentle tensio-active complex. The amphoteric base compounds (electrolytes of both basic and acidic nature) cleanse the hair very gently, without attacking the lipoprotective film of the scalp and the hair.

The range currently includes the following products:

  • Almkraft Hair Tonic (30ml, 50ml, 100ml)
  • Almkraft Shampoo for brittle hair and irritated scalp (with black cumin and tea tree oil)
  • Almkraft Shampoo for greasy hair (with orange and mandarin oil)
  • Almkraft Hair Balm with flower blossom wax

Almkraft Products can be applied for hair loss, brittle, chronically greasy or thin hair and split ends. Grey hair often gets its natural colour back. Dandruff is reduced, sebum excretion from the scalp is regulated and the hair is strengthened. The hair becomes supple and acquires a new lustre. Hair growth is stimulated at bald spots, such as surgical scars. In addition, it can also be applied in cases of psoriasis, alopecia areata and neurodermatitis.

Almkraft Products are produced entirely by hand in an elaborate production process in a small family firm in the Salzburg area. In the production stage where the herbs are boiled separately and pressed, great value is placed on high quality, certified herbs, mostly from the region.

The purity of the water plays a special role. Thus, before being added, the water is revitalized by the Grander process and chemical compounds are extracted from the water by osmosis.

Roots:              nettle, salsify, burdock
?stimulate blood circulation, are anti-inflammatory and foster tissue regeneration

Leaves:            rosemary, Achillea , horsetail and nettle
?help wounds to heal and strengthen connective tissue

Blossom:        Roman chamomile, Achillea , nettle, wormwood, boxwood, sage, birch
?antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and stimulate the metabolism

The medicinal plants have been selected for their high content in minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, silicic acid, magnesium, sodium) and skin vitamins (A, B complex, D & E). They are also rich in natural essential oils (not artificial ones, but obtained directly from the medicinal plants), as well as dyes and bitter substances.

These have an effect on 

… cell metabolism:
     the hair is better supplied with the important substances which stimulate blood circulation

… tissue regeneration:
     skin irritation is alleviated, promoting wound healing, the connective tissue is strengthened

The herbs have an antibacterial, astringent effect on skin and hair, the flower blossom waxes of the Hair Balm have a protective effect which enhances lustre and manageability.

Hair loss:
after about 2 - 4 weeks
Thinning hair: after about 2 - 3 months
Neurodermatitis, psoriasis:
after about 1 month

To achieve this requires consistent application

As recommended, apray Almkraft Hair Tonic onto the scalp, massage gently in and comb hair as usual. Lightly massaging the scalp reinforces activation of the hair roots. The hair can be treated both when wet and dry.

As recommended, apply Almkraft Shampoos to the hair when moistened, gently massage in and allow to take effect briefly. Then rinse thoroughly and shampoo again. Because of its high quality ingredients this shampoo produces little foam and is very economical to use. It reinforces the effect of Almkraft Hair Tonic if used together.

Apply Almkraft Hair Balm after shampooing into clean, damp hair, briefly allow to take effect and then rinse well. The protective effect of wax from fragrant flower blossom increases your hair's shine and manageability. Vegetable fatty amines, phytosterols from avocado oil and hydrogenated lecithin bind to the hair keratin and have an intensive restructuring effect; panthenol and sodium lactate retain moisture in the hair.

? 100% pure and natural
? silicone-free
? vegan
? not tested on animals

Its rapid effectiveness, its ease of use and its pure natural ingredients make Almkraft Hair Tonic unique. This hair lotion has proven itself time and again in both male and female customers. Hair problems are a sign that the scalp is not being adequately supplied with nutrients. Almkraft Hair Care Products are ideally suited for remedying any hair problem.

The formulation has been around since 1925 and even nowadays is still produced using the traditional method.

Natural products cannot be compared with chemical products. Over time, chemicals damage your skin and your health. Herbal products have a gentle action on the skin but are effective and longer-lasting. In rare cases medicinal plants can cause skin irritation or allergies. During production, we ensure that precisely herbs of this kind are not employed.

People's health and well-being are given priority. Nature itself provides infinite treasure from which we can benefit, if we are ready to apply it on a daily basis.

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